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School Type: Co-educational 

Boarding Facilities

Year Levels: 

(Secondary year levels opening progressively from 2014)

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Years 1-10


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Tel:   +64 3 377 8603





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35 Hassals Lane
Christchurch 8023 



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What makes Seven Oaks School unique?

It is a great privilege and responsibility to be entrusted with the care and education of our young people. I believe that the way learning happens at Seven Oaks is the future of education and, from listening to other educationalists, as well as students and parents, I know I am not alone.

Seven Oaks is committed to championing the innate and brilliant human spirit within each student, to allow them to create highly fulfilling lives for themselves and become valuable contributors to our changing world. State education focuses on reading, writing and mathematics, the 3Rs, which develop just a small part of our minds. The Seven Oaks curriculum encourages students to develop all of their capacity – intellectual, practical, spiritual, emotional and social.

My role is to ensure that our educational environment engages, inspires and nurtures students to grow into their own, individual inherent brilliance. That’s why we carefully select our educators, meticulously plan our curriculum and constantly review and monitor the students’ personalised learning programmes.

It would be my great pleasure to show you how we can grow your child’s brilliance at Seven Oaks.


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