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School Type: Girls' School - Christian

Boarding Facilities  

Year Levels: 1- 13                  

School Roll: 1452

Established: 1915

Contact Information:

Tel:   +64 9 520 4159

Fax:  +64 9 524 9374



New Zealand Location:


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122 Market Road
Auckland 1051
New Zealand
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Lynda Reid


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What makes St Cuthbert's College unique?


We believe education is so much more than the transfer of information.

You want your daughter to thrive. To be happy and focused in an environment that encourages, supports and inspires her in every way. So do we.

That’s why St Cuthbert’s has a truly remarkable culture that will empower and embrace the spirit of your daughter, guiding her to be nothing less than her very best. Her success means everything to us.

We lead by example, delivering our own personal best so she will be both happy and focused throughout this exciting journey. It’s our job to affect, guide and stimulate our girls, to fill them with enlivening emotion, to be a catalyst and a source of great things. An outstanding education can make a profound difference to your daughter’s life.

Remarkable things happen every day at our College. Walk through the grounds and buildings and you will sense the history, achievement and joy that’s helped build our exceptional reputation. Learn what we offer and the College’s philosophy. Be assured that every one of us will play a part in keeping your daughter one step ahead. That’s what drives us.

Lynda Reid – Principal


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