Criteria for membership of ISNZ

To be eligible for consideration for membership of Independent Schools of New Zealand (ISNZ), a school must:

(a)     Meet the following requirements:

(i)     be registered as a private school

(ii)    be committed to independent schooling

(iii)   have a current positive ERO report

(iv)   offer a course of work in the senior school that is leading to a recognised assessment qualification that is approved by an accredited qualification organisation, eg NZQA, Cambridge, IB

(v)    demonstrate sound compliance and financial systems and practices, with a current positive audit report, or in the absence of such a report, such other form of idependent confirmation acceptable to ISNZ in its absolute discretion

(vi)   agree to adhere to The Association of the Heads of Independent Schools (AHIS) Code of Conduct and Practice, and the NZ Education Council Code of Ethics.

(b)      Demonstrate, through the provision and practice of policies and guidelines that it:

(i)    provide high levels of support for the Principal/Head, encourage and support the development of the teaching profession, work to enhance the respect in which the profession is held, and is a good employer

(ii)    provide high quality education which best meets the needs, and supports the positive growth and development, of all students within New Zealand's educational, legal, cultural and social frameworks

(iii)   work to ensure that all students are encouraged to reach their full potential regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation

(iv)   respect people, property and the environment.


Where an applicant school is not able to demonstrate compliance with the elements listed in 1(b) it may be offered provisional membership for an agreed period of time, in order to meet the standard.  During that time appropriate support from ISNZ, AHIS and The Association of School Business Administrators (ASBA) would be provided.  Failure to meet the required standard in the agreed timeframe will result in the termination of the provisional membership.  The school would be free to make further applications for membership, at the discretion of ISNZ.