Deb Sharpe, Diocesan School for Girls

Service to Horticulture and the Environment

Over 10 years, Senior Gardener Deb has dedicated herself to the gardens at Diocesan School, and thanks to her work the beauty of the campus gives staff and students a sense of welcome, calm and pride in the school.

Deb’s passion for the school’s roses has protected a significant part of the school’s history. To build the school’s performing arts centre, the roses had to be moved – this was complex as they could only be moved at certain times depending on the temperature and the length of the day. Deb dug up, nurtured and replanted over 80 roses over four years. She also created a register of each rose in the garden.

In the past year, Deb has developed a kitchen garden, which is now in daily use with students and staff coming to pick produce. Deb has also done a lot of hands-on work with the Junior School girls around growing plants, composting waste, and developing gardening skills. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and encouraging interest in gardens in her wonderful quiet manner.

Director of Development Angela Coe says, “Deb has made an extraordinary difference to our school – she is our environmental conscience, a person who reminds us how the beauty of flowers and plants can enhance a sense of wellbeing for us all.”

Congratulations Deb.