Hamish Bell, St Andrew’s College – Service to Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award and Outdoor Education

Described as encapsulating St Andrew's College’s strategic goal of ‘building better people, for life’ is Hamish Bell, Head of Values and Culture on the Executive Team at St Andrew's College in Christchurch.

Being a Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award holder himself, Hamish has demonstrated a great deal of leadership and passion for the award. His enthusiasm and positivity toward the award have inspired and enabled staff, students, and parents to be fully engaged and to share in the student successes at each level.

Last year saw outstanding success with 22 St Andrew's College students gaining their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, the most that any organisation in New Zealand has received.

Despite COVID-19 and other obstacles, Hamish has played a major role in ensuring students have continued to enjoy outdoor education and could complete their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journeys.

Hamish generously shares his expertise, knowledge, and passion for the outdoors with others. This has enabled him to lead and develop Outdoor Education and the Duke of Edinburgh programmes for the benefit of hundreds of students and St Andrew’s College. He has ensured that other schools and students also have access to the quality Outdoor Education Programme.

Hamish has a strong belief in the importance of providing students with a holistic educational experience to prepare them for life beyond school.

His story is best told by his students who each year relate to receiving their award, their admiration, and thanks for all he has done to support and encourage them.