Christine Lewis, Diocesan School for Girls

Service to Languages Teaching, Pastoral Care and Water Polo

During an impressive almost 30 years’ commitment to Diocesan School for Girls, Dean of Year 11 and Languages Teacher, Christine Lewis, has demonstrated a strong sense of service across a multitude of key responsibilities.

Crediting her own education at Dio as being a major influence on her career, Christine fully embraces the school’s ethos to provide every one of its girls with the “courage and confidence to positively shape the future”.

Christine strives to open doors for her students through her languages teaching. Passionate about everything she does in the classroom, her aim is to inspire such interest in the subject that her students are curious to continue to discover more.

Committed, determined, motivated, reliable, intelligent, and open, Christine considers many perspectives when tackling challenges and she thinks creatively – the latter proving particularly beneficial during pandemic lockdowns.

With generosity of spirit and a desire to ensure the very best care and education for each student, Christine sees one of her key roles as being to build strong individual relationships. Having positively influenced “so many young people”, she is described by students as a “second mum”.

Additionally, Christine’s involvement with the Diocesan Premiers, which she has managed since 2008, has contributed to the water polo team winning repeated national titles. As well as being able to impart her own expert knowledge on the sport – which she continues to be heavily involved in outside of the school – Christine’s warm, caring, and structured approach allows the girls to perform at their best in the pool.

Congratulations Christine.