Jenny Taylor, Kristin School

Service to International Students

Described as an “influential leader” who always has students at the forefront of her decision making, Kristin School Director of International Services, Jenny Taylor, has proven herself an excellent ambassador for both the school and New Zealand during almost 30 years of service.

Instrumental in Kristin forming an International Services Department, Jenny has overseen consistent growth in the school’s international student numbers over the past decade.

Jenny’s understanding of and respect for cultural differences, as well as a love of languages and capability to speak several, has seen her form “incredibly strong” relationships with schools and educational agencies across most continents.

Having personally visited all Kristin sister schools, Jenny’s endeavours have also helped establish new opportunities and markets within Asia, Europe and more recently South America.

A keen advocate for international students and their parents, Jenny strives to integrate those students as much as possible into the whole school community for the holistic benefit of all. In this vein, she ensures Kristin’s international students receive individually tailored academic programmes blended with the opportunity to experience the cultural diversity of New Zealand.

Jenny also assisted Kristin to introduce Spanish to the language curriculum and built its first language book collections, as well as facilitating cultural parent groups and other initiatives to promote cultural diversity.

Demonstrating excellent pastoral care, Jenny is also “loved by all students”.

Congratulations Jenny.