Kathryn Gray, St Margaret’s College

Service to Middle School Education

An insightful, caring, and inspirational leader, St Margaret’s College Head of Middle School, Kathryn Gray, is described as having delivered an “outstanding model of independent education” during the past decade at the College.

Always having the best interests of middle school students and their families at heart, Kathryn has overseen a wide variety of school and community initiatives and has led change management in both learning and pastoral care.

Kathryn introduced the Rite Journey Programme to the St Margaret’s College Middle School, as the culminating personal development programme for Year 10 students. Recognised as the first School of Excellence for this programme nationally, Kathryn has supported many schools in New Zealand and Australia which have considered using the programme.

Kathryn’s innovative contribution is considered a key factor in St Margaret’s College having become one of only six schools in Australasia to earn a Lead School Award from The Rite Journey.

The national programme of activities and experiences she has developed contribute very positively to building leadership and resilience among the College’s students – enabling them to become positive role models with a strong sense of community and belonging.

The leadership team Kathryn has assembled has also been described as “outstanding”. Together, they provide a strong foundation and stability to encourage growth and initiative among students, alongside fostering a spirit of fun and adventure.

Blessed with a deep sense of altruism and impressive capability for self-reflection and self-development, Kathryn earns “incredible support and respect” from parents, colleagues, and students alike.

Congratulations Kathryn.