Lesley Bath, Medbury School

Service to Learning Support

Lesley has worked in Learning Support at Medbury School for over 20 years. In this time, the number of boys coming to the school with learning difficulties has increased, and Lesley empowers these students, who enter the school frustrated, anxious and with low self-esteem, to believe in themselves. By focusing on their strengths and celebrating each success, the students start to see what they can do rather than what they can’t.

The robust programme Lesley has developed, and the positive environment she creates, see definitive results. Lesley is held in very high regard by the wider learning support community, the parents of the boys she has taught, and most importantly the students themselves.

She provides detailed, individualised programmes for each student, liaises with external education providers, and organises testing for conditions such as dyslexia and processing issues. She identifies the boys’ strengths and passions and structures lessons around these.

Former student Thomas Sellers says, “Ms Bath took a shy and academically inept boy and turned him into someone who takes great joy in the academic process. The reason I was able to apply myself to study with confidence and achieve an LLB, BA and BA (Hons) is largely because of Ms Bath. I cannot think of a better person to receive this award: she encapsulates everything great about the teaching profession.”

Congratulations Lesley.