Lynne Scott, Chilton Saint James School – Service to Music

Lynne Scott is described as “endlessly generous with her time and energy, encouraging and enabling students who show even the slightest hint of interest in music”.

Lynne taught instrumental classes, and a preschool music class, and conducted the primary orchestra at Chilton Saint James School from 1997 to 2017. Although Lynne has retired from full-time teaching, she continues to be a vital member of the Chilton Saint James School community.

Lynne developed a beginners’ violin programme, offering free group classes to students from years 5 to 7 with no previous playing experience. Her generosity has inspired and motivated these beginner violinists, allowing them an opportunity they may not otherwise have had to learn this instrument.

Lynne volunteers her time to attend the Senior orchestra’s rehearsals and devotes hours to rewriting and arranging music scores, so the orchestration reflects the instrumentation of the school orchestras both senior and junior.

She also helps to organise the school concerts, providing the students with opportunities to share their musical talent with the school and parent community. She is passionate about music and opening opportunities for students to engage in it.  

The mentoring and inspiration that Lynne gives the students go far beyond musical education. She is a significant figure in terms of pastoral care, helping to build resilience, patience, and confidence, with her warm and engaging manner.