Pauline Clegg, Rangi Ruru Girls’ School – Service to the School Community and Executive Assistance to the Principal


A superb organiser of anything from the principal’s diary to complex events,” Pauline Clegg, affectionately known as "P" is very much part of the soul and fibre that is Rangi Ruru Girls’ School. An outstanding Executive Assistant for a remarkable 20 years, who until recently has also led the first aid triage.

Students know her as more than the conduit to the principal’s office, but as a helpful and knowledgeable member of the staff who always has time, no matter how busy she might be.

Pauline’s attention to detail is described as extraordinary, and her ability to prioritise, problem solve and think ahead to the ‘in case of’ situations mean her team is rarely caught out when things don’t go according to plan – she always has contingency plans and is able to adapt rapidly.

Pauline is ever mindful of the wellbeing of all staff, and especially the administrative staff, for whom she is a wise and safe counsel. 

Trained with St John and a key member of any local medical response, Pauline ensures positive outcomes for members of the school community and of the public. Always presenting a calm, professional exterior.

This was particularly evident during the February 2011 earthquake when she took a major role in clearing the very large Te Koraha building, ensuring its occupants were safe and accounted for, and then looked after the upset and injured. In any school evacuation, Pauline has always been a significant voice in ensuring health and safety systems are effective. 

Pauline is a loyal member of her community and is held in the highest regard by staff, parents, and students alike.