Scott Johnson, Medbury School – Service to Educational Leadership and Innovation

His superb leadership and pedagogical knowledge, sense of humour, and ability to have fun while learning, sets him apart. The boys in his care thrive and have such great respect and admiration for 'Mr Johnson'.

Scott Johnson is described by his colleagues as “the most dynamic and inspiring educator and an absolute pleasure to work with”.

At Medbury School, the mission is to unlock every boy's potential. To achieve this there needs to be the explicit practice of differentiation and an awareness of each individual's learning needs and styles.

The constant reviewing of best education practices is one of Scott's defining leadership traits. Scott is deeply passionate about catering to the needs of all learners, and his knowledge and passion for ways to extend gifted learners is immense.

Largely thanks to Scott, the Medbury’s parent community feel that their son's academic needs are met or exceeded.

Scott is certainly not averse to trying new things and looking for the most meaningful way of planning and implementing new ideas. For Medbury School, initiating change has been a challenge that Scott has managed diplomatically. Facilitating a change in mindset and getting teachers to embrace change in educational best practices, while at the same time developing their professional growth, has been one of Scott’s many successes, to the point that the teachers are enthusiastic about their professional learning and development.

Scott is an asset, not only to Medbury School, but to the wider education landscape.