Susan Marriott, Diocesan School for Girls

Service to School Leadership and Languages Learning

Susan has served at Diocesan School for Girls for 27 years, as a languages teacher, then as Head of Faculty Languages and International Baccalaureate Coordinator. She has refreshed the IB programme, attracting many more girls to the pathway and achieving outstanding results.

Susan is passionate about encouraging students into the Diploma and supporting them through to graduation. She effectively operates as Dean of the Diploma girls, managing both academic and pastoral concerns – this personal touch is hugely appreciated.

Susan is also a capable and efficient head of languages and a much-loved teacher of Japanese. She has led the biennial exchange trip to Juntoko School in Japan for 20 years, and her enthusiasm and care ensures its success. Exchange students who visit Diocesan experience key aspects of New Zealand life, from jandals to Lord of the Rings to fish and chips on the beach.

Diocesan’s language results are outstanding and consistently ahead of World and Asia/Pacific averages. To maintain these results across all the languages on offer owes much to Susan’s leadership.

A colleague says, “Susan is a motivated and dedicated educator, whose students are at the centre of everything she does. I’m impressed by her generosity of spirit and the mutual respect between her students and her fellow educators. She deserves every accolade she gets!”

Congratulations Susan.