Wilj Dekkers, St Andrew's College

Service to Innovation and Technology

Wilj has served at St Andrew’s College for five years, as a Preparatory School teacher and since 2017 as Head of Innovation and Information Services. In this role, he drove the transformation of the college’s ageing library into a leading-edge innovation space, the Green Library and Innovation Centre. The Centre is a hub for students and parents that celebrates the love of learning. It is a place for collaboration and experimentation with new technologies.

Wilj worked with students from the Future Problem-solving teams and Year 13 commerce students on the concept. They visited innovative workspaces like BizDojo, and their input contributed to the plan. Wilj ensured the library team were part of the process and shared in the decision-making.

Wilj’s work on the Digital Technology curriculum has also been outstanding. He developed the core of the subject, and implemented the new curriculum for the Preparatory School, with teachers trained to use robotics and developing a deeper understanding of computational thinking.

Wilj works with an average of 14 teachers and 300 students each week. He develops high-interest programmes of learning, integrating technology into class topics.

Rector Christine Leighton says, “Wilj has made a huge contribution to teaching, learning and innovation. He is an outstanding educator and leader who impacts the success of students and teachers not only at St Andrew’s but nationally.”

Congratulations Wilj.