Membership and services

The services ISNZ provides to its members include:


Professional development

In the COVID-19 environment, we are in discussion with numerous providers to offer you professional development that is current, relevant and delivered in a way that complies with all restrictions as directed by Government.

ISNZ is committed to carrying on with its professional development programme and providing Member Schools with valuable learning and networking opportunities. We will communicate with you as soon as possible about how and when our events are going to proceed.


Information and resources

ISNZ distributes regular E-newsletters, and has a website exclusively for members with a wide range of resources.

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Advice and support

We are always available to offer advice, guidance and support on specific issues. If there is anything you would like to request or discuss, you can contact Deborah James, Executive Director, or 04 471 2022.


Promoting our schools

We provide an online directory of Member Schools, profiling each school's unique offering. We also promote our schools via the news section and our marketing brochures.

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Advocating for independent schools

We advocate for choice in education to government, and represent the independent schools sector’s interests on education agency reference groups.

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Commissioning reports and surveys

ISNZ regularly commissions external experts to provide reports on issues that are vital to our schools and the sector.

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Celebrating our people

The most important thing about our Member Schools is the calibre of leadership and quality of teaching, and we celebrate them in multiple ways.

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