Profile: Dan Reddiex, Headmaster, Dilworth School, Auckland

Dan is the newly appointed Headmaster of Dilworth School in Auckland. Dilworth was established in 1894 by James Dilworth to educate boys from good families with limited means. His legacy has provided more than 5,000 boys with life-changing scholarships including free tuition, boarding, uniforms, sports fees and music tuition.

Why have you chosen to come to Dilworth School?

It provides me with the opportunity to make a tangible and meaningful difference in the lives of young men who come from challenging circumstances.

How would you describe Dilworth?

As a school with great soul and amazing young men.

What do you aim to achieve as Headmaster?

I aim to maintain an environment of care and love, where young men flourish and are compelled to strive for and reach their potential in all their endeavours.

Tell us about your choice of career as an educator.  Were there enlightening moments or inspirational people to set you on your way?

I was inspired by Ian Scott, my Economics teacher and football coach at Freyberg High School.  The difference he made in my life was significant and he inspired me to do the same with my life.

Describe the pathway your career has followed.

I have been in boys’ education for the duration of my career.  My career started with teaching roles at Palmerston North Boys’ High School and King’s High School. I then took an Assistant Principal role at Otago Boys’ High School for three years, and for the last 11 years I have been the Rector of King’s High School.

How would you describe your leadership style?

Direct and people-centric.