Profile: Jayne-Ann Young, Principal, Queen Margaret College

Queen Margaret College in Wellington welcomed Jayne-Ann Young as their Principal in July 2017.

Jayne-Ann brings extensive experience from the education sector to her new role, having taught at schools all over the country, from co-ed, single sex and multi-cultural to high and low-socio economic environments. She spent six years in the education consultancy space, most recently working for Cognition Education in Dubai where she focused on extending professional development programmes for teachers, exploring the creation of innovation in the learning environment. This role has taken her to a broad range of schools and professional learning providers in Australia, United Arab Emirates, USA, Japan, Laos and the United Kingdom, where she gained strong insights into best practice in schools. 

“I had heard a lot about the College from my connections, I’d been involved in all the Visible Learning research and I got to the point where it was time to take these skills, come back to New Zealand and embed them into a school myself,” Jayne-Ann says.

Jayne-Ann is looking forward to continuing to grow girls and staff while ensuring that students receive an academically rigorous, holistic education that gives them choices for whatever their future may be.

As a newcomer, evaluation is the most important aspect Jayne-Ann brings into her new environment. Queen Margaret College is known as an IB World School with outstanding academic results and offers students a variety of sporting, cultural and leadership opportunities.

“It’s about evaluating how we’re going, what we’re doing and where we’re going. The gathering of data provides a high level strategic plan for us to work towards and it’s absolutely focused on learning,” says Jayne-Ann.

Jayne-Ann believes that the most important thing to do for students is to make sure that they set their own expectation for themselves, they own their learning, they know how they are going and where they are going. The other part is collaborative staff efficacies and the true belief that together educators can make a difference.

Jayne-Ann explains: “It’s about the whole journey of bringing what we have already, which is a very strong staff and one of the highest achievement outcomes in New Zealand, and really looking at where to next.”