Scholarships and Bursaries

Many private/independent schools provide financial assistance to students and their families through a wide variety of bursaries and scholarships.


A bursary may be offered where the family of a student attending the school is in particular financial need.  Bursaries involve some form of fee concession.  ISNZ Member Schools have their own policies on bursaries and enquiries should be made to the individual school.


Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit.  In some schools, the number of scholarships awarded each year is not fixed but varies according to the quality of the applicants.

Scholarships are normally open to applicants at particular stages of their schooling regardless of their background.  Selection criteria vary according to the scholarships and may include an examination for an academic scholarship or an audition for a music scholarship.  Schools will usually interview scholarship candidates as part of the selection procedure.  In some cases, reports on the applicant’s progress over the years are taken into consideration.  Scholarships are often intended to provide opportunities for children who might not otherwise be able to attend independent schools.

A scholarship may be offered for full or part remission of tuition fees, for the duration of the student’s schooling, or for a certain number of years.  Because some scholarships offered by independent schools have been endowed or given in honour of the school’s centenary or as a memorial, there may be certain conditions attached. Parents whose child is offered a scholarship should discuss the requirements of that particular scholarship with the school.

Parents should contact individual schools early in the year to ascertain details.

Aspire Scholarship – financial support scheme

The Aspire Scholarship provides assistance for low income families towards the costs of private secondary schooling.  It will contribute up to $15,000 per year towards the tuition fees of a private school for the duration of a student’s attendance at this school.  It will also include a yearly allowance of up to $1500 for course related costs.  The Scholarship does not cover boarding fees, and cannot be used at state or state integrated schools.

The Aspire Scholarship scheme is administered through the Ministry of Education. 

For further enquiries:

Phone: 04 463 8262
Fax: 04 463 8252
Or: Your local Ministry of Education office