International Education Seminar 2018 - the highlights

International Education professionals from independent schools across New Zealand convened at the Wharewaka Function centre in Wellington on 28 February 2018 to hear from an exciting range of speakers and to network with their peers.

The seminar saw a great interaction between delegates and speakers and was a fantastic chance to share personal challenges, opportunities for the sector and to know more about what other independent schools are doing in the International Education area.

Collaboration was the buzzword for the day. Education New Zealand representatives Mary Camp and Richard Kyle shared the latest data and trends on international education and pointed out the importance of not working in silos, especially for private schools.


A collaboration story

Kathy Lloyd-Parker (pictured), Principal at Chilton Saint James School, shared a great example of collaboration coming from three Wellington-based private schools. The Wellington Private Education Network (WPEN) is a partnership between Scots College, Samuel Marsden Collegiate School and Chilton Saint James School to provide a unique and consistent educational offer to international students interested in studying in New Zealand. “We share everything," said Kathy, "even the financials. There are no secrets between us and we recruit and assist students together."


Finally, the seminar saw the participation of excellent speakers such as Richard Kensington, Registrar at ACG, Jenny Taylor, Director of International Services at Kristin School and John van der Zwan, Executive Director at SIEBA. John shared some practical ways SIEBA can help schools to cut the paperwork and focus on their core tasks.

The International Education seminar was a great opportunity to hear from ISNZ's valued sponsors such as ANZ and Marsh. ANZ shared how they help schools and parents to set up bank accounts for their children and meet the expectations of Immigration New Zealand. Marsh shared some interesting data around Mental Health claims and provided information about solutions for international students.

Feedback from attendees:

Delegates rated the event “excellent” or “very good”, and 60% of the respondents declared they are extremely likely to attend the event again.

There were valuable takeaways from all speakers. What sticks in my mind is the Wellington Private Education Network (WPEN) initiative. I really liked the way they shared resources and collaborated.”

“I enjoyed the updates from Education New Zealand, the insights and sharing of information from the presenters. Really liked hearing from SIEBA as well. Networking was excellent for us.”

“Kathy Lloyd-Parker's presentation was great for understanding how a collaboration model works, and how it benefits the students and their experience here in New Zealand.”

“I enjoyed listening to Kathy talking about collaboration. Very thought-provoking and inspirational.”