Speaker profile - Alia Bojilova, Senior Consultant, Sheffield

About Alia

Alia is an experienced industrial and organisational psychologist who worked at the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) in both senior roles in organisational development and also operational line management roles, prior to moving into the corporate sector, as Group Manager Talent for Frucor Australasia/Suntori Group. She was awarded the New Zealand Defence Force Meritorious Service Medal in 2014.

The combination of her leadership experience and the depth of her technical knowledge and experience in Organisational Development enables Alia to bring a great depth of personal knowledge and expertise to her consulting work. She has a particular passion for organisational and talent development as well as leadership and resilience, working both one on one and with teams to lift performance and capacity.

Alia’s recent experiences include developing a talent strategy and philosophy and creating an integrated talent approach within Frucor Australasia, as well as working to propel individuals and teams to peak performance. She has also worked in the well-being and resilience area, with senior executives and Olympic level athletes.

As so much in our environment changes, resilience is an increasingly valued quality. Leaders are expected to pre-empt, frame and respond to challenges with agility, delivering even stronger results, while taking care of their own and others’ wellbeing. Resilience is now expected of leaders. But what is it? 


Resilience in Leadership

In this presentation, Alia Bojilova invites us to explore the resilience phenomenon – how to know it when you see it and how to build it in yourself and those around you. We will work through the building blocks of resilience, helping you to develop awareness, insights and strategies to support you on your journey. The content is informed by leading research and tested through applied work in a range of contexts. As well as her professional and academic exposures in this field, Alia will also draw on her personal experiences as a UN Military Observer and a captive in Syria.