Speaker profile - David Scott - BSc (Hons), PGCE, PGDipEDLEAD - Middle School Principal

About David

David took up the Middle School Principal role at Kristin in 2016. Prior to his appointment, he was Deputy Principal (Middle School) at Scots College, Wellington. 

He has also held the positions of Director of Boarding at Scotch College, Adelaide, Boarding Housemaster at Christ’s College, Christchurch, Director of Rugby at Latymer Upper School, London and started his career at Colfe’s School, London. 

David has a proven track record of providing leadership and excellence in teaching and learning, pastoral care, boarding, service learning and co-curricular activities across a variety of schools and contexts. In his time at Kristin he has conceived, designed and instigated the Adaptive Leadership Programme. The Adaptive Leadership Programme is based on his experience in a number of contexts and the belief that the best professional development is often found from within.

The programme brings together professional and academic expertise to support developing teacher leaders in growing knowledge, understanding and developing the skills required to maximise their effectiveness as school leaders in several key areas. It links directly to Kristin’s strategic pillar of ‘growing and caring for our people’ and preparing our students to be future ready. 

The vision for the Adaptive Leaders Programme is to develop adaptive leaders of learning to inspire and encourage all students to thrive, prosper and apply learning in an ever changing environment. Kristin’s strengths are in producing happy, healthy, well-rounded students who are prepared to make a positive difference, contribute to the community and live fulfilling lives. This has been achieved through developing strong, meaningful relationships through quality care and support. To ensure this continues and evolves, staff need to be constantly learning, upskilling and adapting to the ever changing environment they find themselves in. They need to be adaptive, agile and have the capacity to evolve and change with the times and the needs of the Kristin environment and its strategic aims.

In this session, David will show how the Kristin Adaptive Leadership Programme brings together professional and academic expertise to support developing teacher leaders in growing knowledge, understanding, and skills to maximise their effectiveness as school leaders. The session will demonstrate how we are growing and shaping adaptive middle and senior leaders in a variety of school areas and providing high quality on-the-job experience, as well as giving participants a solid foundation in the requirements of successful school leadership. You will hear about how the programme has developed and the opportunities and challenges for participants. You will also hear directly from staff who have been through the programme and see for yourselves the value of offering a high quality, well designed in-house programme with links to other ISNZ Member Schools and outside agencies.