Speaker profile - Sharon Zollner, Chief Economist, ANZ

About Sharon

Sharon joined the ANZ economics team in 2010, having started her career in the Reserve Bank of New Zealand in 1998. She holds a Master of Commerce from the University of Canterbury. She also worked at the central bank of Norway for two years, before moving to the New Zealand banking sector. Sharon developed the ANZ Truckometer, an economic indicator based on traffic flow data, and writes the weekly ANZ Charts that Matter. In addition to general macroeconomic analysis, she has a particular interest in machine learning and big data.

Economic Drivers for the Future

Economic forecasting is hard at the best of times, but a number of previously reliable economic relationships have broken down in recent years – activity to inflation; employment to wage growth. Is disruptive technology to blame, and is it a temporary state of affairs or a permanent one? It has had huge implications for interest rates and asset prices, so it is not an esoteric question.