2021 ISNZ Annual Conference sponsors

ISNZ expresses warm appreciation for the support of our following 2021 ISNZ Annual Conference sponsors. We encourage your support of these valued business partners.


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Chartwells – providing nourishment for the young minds and bodies of New Zealand

Chartwells is a dedicated provider of catering services to the New Zealand education market. We pride ourselves on taking the lead in developing and delivering fresh and innovative concepts that add value to our customers' experience across tertiary and secondary education environments. With our commitment to specialisation and continuous improvement, we are able to combine local best practice with global best practice programmes from the leading universities and schools we manage around the world. 

Chartwells' seasonal menus and smart food programme

Our menus are designed to ensure a blend of healthy and true flavours with high-quality, seasonal and – wherever possible – locally-sourced ingredients, that will appeal to students from a flavour, design and visual perspective. We shake up the status quo of education food service environments and facilities, and will give them a new lease of life that we are confident will be well received. Our food philosophy is underpinned by the Chartwells “smart food” programme that is based on size, time and age-appropriate menus that reflect a balanced variety of food groups, cooking techniques and flavours. This has not been designed to dictate, but rather to educate or reinforce some clear and simple life food messages that are integral to our food approach. 

For further information please contact Emily Mitchell 021 592 167, Emily.Mitchell@compass-group.co.nz.


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New Era Technology

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New Era Technology provides innovative technology solutions that empower a new generation of teaching and learning. We support schools across the country, bringing together collective wisdom regarding what’s working and what’s not. Our mission is to revolutionise the delivery of the curriculum through technology that empowers, prepares and supports the next generation of learners.

For further information please call 0800 438 428 or visit www.newerait.co.nz.


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Because parenting doesn’t come with instructions, SchoolTV delivers a unique, digital platform to help with the challenges of modern-day parenting. Whilst there is a vast amount of information available, this can often be fragmented, confusing and overwhelming for those looking for guidance, leaving them with a feeling of being information-saturated, but knowledge-poor.

SchoolTV removes this confusion and streamlines information on youth wellbeing. It provides the best bits of information on a single topic with easy-to-understand, bite-sized video interviews of leading specialists supported by a host of aggregated resources from key organisations. SchoolTV offers credible information, with practical strategies, from trusted sources.

And for the first time, schools can access reporting analytics to provide an overview of their community’s activity highlighting any areas of concern or interest. It is a platform that is school-branded, integrated with the school’s counsellors and complements other existing wellbeing programmes.

At a time when the wellbeing of today’s youth has never been more challenged, SchoolTV assists parents and adult carers in staying informed, empowered and up to date in navigating the path to raising happy, well and resilient young people.

For more information please go to www.schooltv.me  or email enquiries@schooltv.me.


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Shade Systems

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As a team, we are very passionate around the need to educate children and young adults about the importance of being sunsmart.

Shade Systems are a family-owned company, with over 150 years combined experience in industrial fabrics and supporting structures. Our aim is simple: Create healthy spaces to protect and improve the well-being of current and future generations whatever the weather. We provide shade and shelter structures that also aesthetically enhance the appearance of outdoor spaces. These products include:

  • COLA® Court Canopies (full sport/court covers)
  • Tensile Membrane Bespoke Structures
  • Shade Sails (Sun Shades)
  • StarShade® Structures
  • HipShade® Structures
  • SolaGola® Canopies
  • Covered Walkways

As part of the package, we offer design, manufacturing, installation and servicing of shade, shelter and fabric structures. Our dedicated team can oversee the complete project, from design and planning through to installation and sign-off of your structure. In short, we have a large range of innovative shading products, custom-made to suit schools and meet council requirements.

Read more about Shade Systems and what we offer at www.shadesystems.co.nz or contact us today to discuss your next shade project! 0800 166 722.


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The Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI)

CPI Primary TM

CPI delivers specialised training throughout New Zealand to assist educators to respond safely, effectively and confidently to challenging or aggressive behaviours that may be presented by students or other individuals.

We have been providing training for over 40 years and have trained over 15 million professionals in a variety of public, catholic and independent education providers worldwide.

CPI offers a Verbal Intervention™ training programme suitable for education professionals. CPI Verbal Intervention™ incorporates trauma-informed and person-centred approaches. The programme trains staff to respond to crisis situations with a focus on prevention using verbal de-escalation skills and strategies where restraint is inappropriate.

To learn more about CPI training programmes please call 0800 244 674 or email information@crisisprevention.com or visit our website crisisprevention.com.