Aaron Overington: That Was Then; This Is Now

Aaron is an IT management veteran with over 20 years’ experience under his belt, but his passion for technology started even further back in the early days of desktop computing with the ZX Spectrum, the Amiga and the BBC Micro.

Aaron is a key part of the Cyclone team and works as one of our Technical Account Managers. We simply know him as a trusted advisor and a safe pair of hands. Aaron takes the time to understand the demands and needs of NZ businesses and schools before developing tailored solutions. Prior to hopping on the Cyclone bus, he was the Regional IT and Digital Learning Manager for OneSchool Global NZ.

That Was Then; This Is Now

Cyclone will take you on a journey from the promises of the classrooms pre-COVID, to the lessons learned during the pandemic, and then forward to the learning environments of the next generation. They will demonstrate examples of how technology has forced them to change the way they enable teachers and students on or off-campus, and also explore some disruptive technologies that will challenge your thinking on your own School’s strategy moving forward.


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