Caroline Rennie: Not a Moment to Waste: What can your school do today to be more sustainable tomorrow?

Caroline Rennie is the Head of School at Green School.  This amazing campus houses 80 learners with the potential to grow to 500 learners in the next 5 years including the latest facility opening this July which will expand classroom capacity to 300.  

 Caroline stepped into controversy as well as beauty when she returned to New Zealand to lead what may be the next step in the evolution of learning.  A campus that aligns with nature, balances economic and environmental parameters, including entrepreneurial spirit, and attempts to creatively and actively combine a passion for learning and the environment.  It is based on a core belief that only through learning, and actively living your passion, can we develop the leaders that will ultimately change the way we act, and live, to a sustainable paradigm, in-line with the needs of the planet.

Caroline grew up on a farm and learned how to live on the land and live in balance with nature.  Her early vegetarian choices, at age 13, were an indication that she would eventually align with what would become Green initiatives and sustainability.  Caroline completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Waikato, before completing her teacher training at Auckland College of Education.  She completed her Executive Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Change through the University of Hong Kong. Career and international leadership opportunities lead her to Fiji, Japan, South Korea, China and Qatar.  Since 2002, Caroline has been fortunate enough to lead IB workshops, and conduct IB visits around the world as part of her IB education network.

Please come by for a discussion on how your school can enhance their journey on the sustainable living pathway.

Not a Moment to Waste: What can your school do today to be more sustainable tomorrow?

Green School New Zealand undertook an amazing journey to weave our mission “educating changemakers for a sustainable world” into every facet of our curriculum, facilities, operations and learning environment. What we have learned is that fundamental change requires commitment, mindfulness and a desire, or in our case, a passion to change the world. We found that our learners, our whānau, and our community were ready to share that passion and, with common beliefs and collective energy, every school can begin that journey today.


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