Dr Colin Kennedy: Understanding Innovation and Its Place in Education

Dr Colin Kennedy is the Head of the School of Innovation at Creative HQ in Wellington. He is responsible for the School of Innovation, a cutting-edge concept that builds innovation capabilities and startup mindsets in individuals, organisations, and youth both in New Zealand and internationally.

Colin has over 25 years of experience working in a variety of education roles, including: lecturing in Development Studies and Human Geography at Victoria University of Wellington, running the nationwide Young Enterprise Scheme (a programme that engages 4,000 secondary school students across New Zealand each year in real-life entrepreneurial education), working in the global migration and exchange of ideas as the Director of Programmes and Engagement at Fulbright NZ, and teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in seven different countries. 

Colin has spoken around the world on Gen Z and Innovation, including at the recent World Expo in Dubai. He has also published a number of articles on educational inequality and social design and was awarded the inaugural Postdoctoral Fellowship in Social Design at Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Design.

Understanding Innovation and Its Place in Education

The true impact of COVID-19 on markets, economies, communities, and individuals will not be known for decades, but the immediate consequences are starting to become clear - and this is increasingly observable in our younger generations. We have witnessed the biggest disruption to education since the Second World War with UNESCO estimating that 825 million students (47% of currently active students) have been affected by school closures. In the midst of this volatility, further compounded by existing uncertainty over what the Future of Work could look like, we need our younger generations to have a way forward. It is this complex context that sparked research on how Gen Z understands innovation, its importance in a COVID world, and its place within education. This presentation explores how Gen Z understands innovation, why it is important, and how it might be taught in schools.


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