Dr Denise Quinlan: Sustainable High Performance: Going the Distance and Avoiding Burnout

Co-director of the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience and adjunct senior fellow at the University of Canterbury, Denise speaks at global conferences, creates online courses, writes books, academic articles and blogs to spread her insights far and wide. Dr Denise Quinlan is acknowledged internationally as an outstanding facilitator and speaker who regularly presents at national and international wellbeing conferences. She delivers effective and enjoyable programmes to people from primary school teachers to scientists, engineers and senior corporate executives. Her humour and honesty allow her to create environments where participants fully engage and contribute. Originally an equity analyst and dealer-broker on the London Stock Exchange, consulting with Deloitte and KPMG in the UK and NZ, Denise’s corporate background informs her work with senior executives across the globe including guest lecturing on the Executive Masters in Positive Leadership & Strategy at IE University Madrid. She is also the only trainer from New Zealand to have worked alongside Prof Martin Seligman and Dr Karen Reivich delivering the Penn Resilience Program in Australia and the UK. Her research is published in international academic journals and several edited volumes and her Podcast, Bringing Wellbeing to Life, features interviews with leading wellbeing authorities from around the world.

Sustainable High Performance: Going the Distance and Avoiding Burnout

In an increasingly turbulent world, the fact that some people cope better with stress, challenge and change, has become readily apparent. Acknowledging that this year is going to continue to test us, this keynote address shares the secrets to sustainable high performance, de-mystifying burnout, and providing practical strategies to keep it at bay.


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