Katherine Corich: Sustainability in Education: The ‘Why’ is Clear; the ‘How’ is Less Clear

Katherine is the Founder of Sysdoc, a global service provider delivering transformational change, simplification, and efficiency programmes. Katherine qualified as a commercial pilot before turning her considerable energy and intellect to becoming an expert in business transformation. A former Associate Fellow of the University of Oxford – Saïd Business School, with an MA in Linguistics, she was inducted into the NZ Hi-Tech Hall of Fame, named 2015 UK New Zealander of the Year, and has twice won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Under Katherine's leadership, Sysdoc has made significant commitments to carbon reduction, through the planting of native trees. Katherine is a trustee of Pure Advantage NZ, a group of leading entrepreneurs working together to champion environmentally-focused economic models and business practices to ensure New Zealand becomes and remains a world-leading, climate positive, economically thriving, and socially just society. Katherine was invited to become an Independent Member of the Royal New Zealand Air Force Leadership Board, and is a non-executive director of the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and MyWaveAI. She also serves on the University of Auckland Business School Advisory Board.

Sustainability in Education: The ‘Why’ is Clear; the ‘How’ is Less Clear

The whole world is striving for authentic sustainability and all organisations, big and small, have a responsibility to play their part. The ‘why’ of sustainability is clear, the ‘how’ is less obvious. From the hi-tech sector to the aviation industry, Katherine Corich has advised companies on how they can integrate more sustainable practices into their strategy and operations. She will share how progressive organisations in New Zealand and abroad are leading the way in moving towards a more sustainable future. This keynote shall explore the actions that leaders need to take to help build more sustainable organisations, and how they ensure buy-in from multiple stakeholders. Katherine shall address some of the challenges, and how these can be overcome. She will challenge our schools to take advantage of their freedom to innovate and take a lead role in sustainability within the education sector.


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