Sophie Renton: The Future of Education: Preparing students for the new world of work

Sophie Renton is a social researcher, trends analyst, and Managing Director at the internationally recognised McCrindle. She leads and guides the team at McCrindle in search of clear, strategic insights that bring clarity to complexity. Using a wide range of methodologies in her research, presentations and consulting, Sophie understands how evidence-based insights can inform strategy and help organisations to thrive amidst change. Sophie’s engaging, research-based presentations have seen her present to various sectors through board room strategy sessions, keynote presentations and workshops. With academic qualifications in sociology and psychology, Sophie brings robust, research-based content to her engaging presentations and consulting.

The Future of Education: Preparing students for the new world of work

Now more than ever, education is experiencing seismic shifts. With Generation Alpha (those born since 2010) heading off to high school for the first time ever in 2022 and COVID changing the way we learn and work, it's essential to prepare for the future. Parents are engaging with independent schooling more like customers, while social media and digital integration is transforming learning spaces, places, and styles. Today’s students will be entering a workplace, unlike anything we’ve yet seen. In this presentation, Sophie will provide insights into the future of education and explore how school leaders can prepare today's Generation Alpha students to be lifelong learners and active community members, equipping them to thrive in the changing world of work and life beyond school.

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