2016 ISNZ Distinction Award - Lynda Reid

ISNZ Distinction Award – 24th Annual ISNZ Conference 2016

Lynda Reid – Principal of St Cuthbert’s College, Auckland

Next term Lynda Reid completes a 20 year outstanding career as a principal in the Independent School Sector.  Her stellar career has been an inspiration to us all as her extensive pedagogical knowledge and her engaging personal style has influenced not just our sector, but the wider national picture.

Her willing contributions have been exemplified by two terms as Chair of the Association of Heads of Independent Schools.  She has also served on Cross Sector Forums and the Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Group as the country introduced a new qualifications system.

Her ardent support of NCEA in the face of constant critique from fellow principals was testament to Lynda’s outstanding ability to stand up for the beliefs and values that support excellence for all.  Her unfailing focus on achievement and how to create it in classrooms propelled St Cuthberts into outstanding results that have set the standard for education in New Zealand.

Lynda has always willingly shared her expertise with others – a principal recently sharing that Lynda was the first to arrive after his appointment to sit and help, provide guidance, but most importantly to listen.  There are many such people in this room Lynda, who will always remember that help, guidance and expertise that made such a lasting difference – you made them feel valued with just your presence.

Your leadership ethic is exemplified by your incredible strength of character, calm manner and astute attention to detail.  You have led innovations such as the establishment of Kahunui – the outdoor centre – and you put independent schools on the map in leading curriculum innovation.   Your contribution to the professional development of the whole education sector has been exceptional.

There are generations of young women who have benefitted from your exceptional school leadership.  Their regard for you is ubiquitous and you have modelled for them that leadership is about courage, living your values and a passion that comes from within.

Throughout your many roles as principal, advisor, mentor, and teacher – you have left a legacy of excellence – an indelible contribution to the Independent Schools Network that we wanted to acknowledge. It is with great pleasure that we honour you with this special ISNZ Award of Distinction for your exceptional work and contribution.

(Address by Heather McCrae – Principal Diocescan School for Girls)