Bev Cassidy-MacKenzie, Director, Diversity Consulting Limited

Better by diversity – Measuring the ROI of effective diversity

Bev Cassidy-Mackenzie is the Director of Diversity Consulting Ltd, having been the Chief Executive of Diversity Works NZ for many years (formerly the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust).

She believes that to bring out the best in diverse individuals and teams we need to cultivate a workplace culture that values difference and makes the most of everyone's talents; an approach that values the transmission of valuable knowledge and experience from one generation to another, from one culture to another, and from one team to another.

She brings important experience from her previous roles, appreciating the challenges of diversity in large, complex business environments but also recognising the importance and value of creating environments that foster diversity of thought. Her career spans New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, the NZ Youth Mentoring Network and self-employment. Her career has been varied and followed her life’s journey, which she is proud to champion on behalf of female leaders.


Diversity Consulting Director Bev Cassidy-MacKenzie will share how diversity and an inclusive culture in our schools will enhance decision-making and result in an engaging and productive learning environment that benefits our staff, our students and their families. She will also discuss initiatives schools can look at as part of a diversity strategy and how to measure the tangible benefits of investing in this strategy.