Carl Murray


Kristin School

Service to Community and Learning


Carl Murray joined Kristin School’s faculty of Health and Physical Well-being in 2006 as House Dean.  During this time he has been responsible for many new community-based and fundraising initiatives which he delivers with `military-like precision’ to ensure a successful outcome for students and their communities.

Five years ago Carl was instrumental in setting up Kristin’s Pasifika Programme with Poutasi School in Samoa. (Poutasi was one of the villages that was extensively damaged by the Earthquake/Tsunami in 2009).

Carl has invested hundreds of hours – both personal and professional in establishing this programme. Each year 20 students are chosen from Year 9 and 10 to visit Poutasi School and while in Samoa the students assist in school programmes and help with building and painting of accommodation and ablution blocks.

Carl also meets Poutasi’s tribal elders each year to discuss the needs of the village and arranges for several shipping containers to be delivered to Kristin School which are filled with clothing, furniture, computers, bikes, sports equipment and kitchen equipment. He also secures brand new equipment from school sponsors for the village and the school in Poutasi and extensive fundraising money is put towards infrastructure rebuilding.

Carl also liaises with the Parents and Friends Associations and assists them in making hundreds of pencil cases filled with stationary supplies for students in Poutasi. Each year two students from Poutasi travel to Kristin School to spend several weeks on Campus.

In 2015 one student was provided with a full 2 year scholarship to attend Kristin School in Years 12 and 13.

Carl is very highly regarded by the staff at Kristin. His interpersonal skills and relationships with pupils and parents are excellent, his decisions and actions are always fair and sympathetic.

Humble, caring and compassionate Carl is a most deserving winner of a 2016 ISNZ Honours Award.