Conference 2017 - Dr Mavis Haigh

Dr Mavis Haigh

Dr Mavis Haigh is an educational researcher in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at The University of Auckland. Her research interests include teacher learning (both pre-service and ongoing), the work of teacher educators, and science teacher education. She is a member of RITE - an international team Rethinking Initial Teacher Education for Equity. As a monitor for the Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand she reviews initial teacher education programs across the country.

The Learning Environment

Differential student achievement has particular significance in New Zealand as it has one of the largest gaps between high and low achievers among all OECD countries. How can we address this differential?

This workshop presents the results of a cross-country, cross-cultural analysis undertaken to provide insights into teaching practices that promote equity.

It will pose for discussion six interconnected general principles of practice for equity that can inform any education system that aims to improve outcomes for all learners. Workshop members will have the opportunity to consider how these general principles might be enacted within their area of educational engagement.