Conference 2017 - Keynote Dr Sven Hansen

Dr Sven Hansen

Founder of The Resilience Institute, Sven is a medical practitioner with an MBA who has pioneered preventative medicine, stress mastery and the performance mindset. With a background in Special Forces and Sports Medicine, he has run corporate wellness programmes since 1988.

Sven will challenge you to transform by integrating physical, emotional, cognitive and moral resilience into life, leadership and business.

Eudaimonia: A Philosophy for Healthier Living

What is the best science and practice to guide us in a consumer world? When happiness is often attached to a bubbly drink, new clothing or a pill ... or worse.  

In ancient times eudaimonia was a personal philosophy and life practice.

In a world of brain scans, positive psychology, wellbeing and psychopharmacology - how do we make this powerful idea and evidence-based practice relevant to the youth of today?

  • Wrapping science around an old idea
  • What eudaimonia isn’t and how do we lose it?
  • Different pathways for different people
  • Physical pathways and experiences
  • Emotional pathways and experiences
  • Cognitive pathways and experiences
  • Spirit, flow and radical performance
  • How does a school community embrace and cultivate eudaimonia?

Dr Sven Hansen, founder of The Resilience Institute has spent the last 20 years exploring and testing the concept of resilience in sport, business, entrepreneurship and schools. 

He defines resilience as learned ability to demonstrate bounce, courage, connection and creativity. 

Ultimately this must include body, emotion and mind - and maybe spirit. `Spirit in Action’ is what we call eudaimonia.

To achieve it, we must cultivate a defined set of skills with deliberate practice.