Conference 2017 - Sir Ray Avery

Sir Ray Avery 

Scientist and former New Zealander of the Year


Sir Ray Avery may not have been born in New Zealand, but his expertise and investment has done much to change the country’s business landscape for the better. The perfect inversion of the brain drain: Talent in, Product out.

He was New Zealander of the Year 2010, most Trusted New Zealander 2011 and appointed a Knight Grand Companion of the New Zealand order of Merit which is the highest order of the New Zealand Knighthood honors.

Sir Ray Avery, GNZM is a successful Pharmaceutical Scientist, a founding member of the Auckland University School of Medicine, Department of Clinical Pharmacology and former Technical Director of Douglas Pharmaceuticals who, over the past thirty years, has made a major contribution in the development of New Zealand’s Pharmaceutical industry.

In 2003, Ray founded Medicine Mondiale and using his contacts, and charisma he enlists the help of other scientists, and social entrepreneurs to work with him. Today, an International network of scientists, technologists together with New Zealand companies and Nobel Laureates’ support him and somehow everyone finds themselves donating their time and knowledge for free and they are rewarded by making a difference.

Creating Global Health through Education

Sir Ray will explore the current Global education landscape and it’s suitability for educating students for tomorrow’s world.

Ray will analyse the current education curriculum with respect to student’s social development, innovation and career practices.

Understanding the cultural evolution of any society is central to implementing timely interventions for the benefit of our planet and our people, however understanding the laws of Innovation adoption is key to successfully implementing them.

Sir Ray will provide delegates with insights on how to achieve their personal goals, build better teams and produce motivated, socially aware citizens with the skills to tackle tomorrow’s world.