EducatePlus Leadership Breakfast with Professor Brad Jackson - The Power of Place and Purpose in Leadership

24 August at Samuel Marsden Collegiate School, Marsden Road, Karori, Wellington


To be a leader is to have a clear and compelling purpose; however, how do we find, know and articulate this purpose?  It’s helpful to begin with recognising that Leadership is as much a mind-set as it is a skill-set. In addition to crafting a compelling purpose, our leadership mind-set recognises the pivotal relationship between leaders and followers and how vital it is to ensure that this relationship is built on an authentic footing in order to sustain ourselves and others who are with us as well as our cause. 

Join this breakfast in conversation with New Zealand’s first appointed leadership chair (the Fletcher Building Employee Educational Trust Chair in Leadership), Professor Brad Jackson.  Brad has many years’ experience working with business, government and NGO leaders around the world and can provide fresh insights as to what works, what doesn’t and how you can continually develop yourself as a leader for your organisation

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