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King's College:

School Type: Co-educational, Christian

Boarding Facilities   

Year Levels:  9 - 13  Boys

Year Levels: 11 - 13 Girls

School Roll: 1065

Established: 1896

Contact Information:

Tel:   09 276 0600

Fax:  09 276 0677



New Zealand Location:


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King's College
Golf Ave
Auckland 1640

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What makes King's College unique?

King’s College is renowned for providing outstanding educational opportunities for young men and women. It is not only an intellectually and academically rich educational environment, but one that promotes excellence in art, culture and sport. The College is able to personalise the learning journey for each student and success in CIE or NCEA can help them reach their goals.

We strongly believe that the wellbeing of every student is of vital importance and our vision, values and philosophy outline our commitment to each student's personal development.

The House system is the basis of our pastoral support at King's. Each House provides a strong sense of belonging and ‘family’ within our College. 

Uniquely, King’s has the Chapel as its heart and traditions as its backbone. This value-rich culture allows students to develop competencies that will make them into great young leaders.

King’s College is a learning community that embraces technology, innovation, and the best new learning and thinking tools.When our students graduate we want them to have the ability to be successful in life, to look back on their time at King’s with fondness, and to treasure the opportunities they were given.

We challenge you to visit the College and watch our learning culture in action.


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