Lenore Clark


Lenore Clark

St Cuthbert’s College


Lenore joined St Cuthbert’s College in 2001 in a range of roles as class teacher in Junior and Middle Schools. She has been responsible for leading the Mathematics and Science Primary curriculum and is an exemplary teacher.

Her relationship with colleagues and students is long standing, steeped in respect and kindness. Every student Lenore has worked with in Mathematics has made significant gains academically and importantly developed a love and passion for Mathematics. 

Lenore has had a forty year history with serving communities of learners in Mathematics. She has lectured in Mathematics for teacher trainees, been a long standing treasurer for the Auckland Mathematics Teachers’ Association, a judge for many years in Mathex competitions and volunteers at Maths symposiums on a weekly basis. 

Lenore often mentors and teachers in Mathematics best practice teaching and learning out of paid hours, working with students and parents to support them in their understanding. She gives up Saturdays to work with teachers of Mathematics at symposiums and although very experienced she is innovative, takes risks and models continuous learning to other teachers and students.

Lenore is respected and admired by her colleagues within St Cuthbert’s College and in the Auckland area. She is able to have robust discussions about students’ learning and challenge others’ thinking in a professional manner. Teachers adore her willingness to humbly impart her expertise. The achievement data attests to how good she really is in the way each student has made significant gains.

We are pleased to honour her Service to Mathematics and Primary Education with a 2016 ISNZ Honours Award.