Peter Hampton

St Paul’s Collegiate School

Service to developing a new National Agribusiness Curriculum


Peter Hampton joined St Paul’s Collegiate School in 2010 as Assistant, responsible for Curriculum and Assessment in the Senior School. In 2016, he was promoted to Deputy Headmaster – Academic, responsible for Curriculum and Assessment across all levels.

During this time Peter has played a huge role in fostering a culture of academic excellence, culminating in the best ever pass rates for NCEA and the most impressive results in Scholarship in the school’s history!

An incredibly talented and passionate Science and Agribusiness teacher, Peter first introduced the subject into the curriculum in 2014. Student interest in the subject has been huge and has increased exponentially, resulting in many Year 13 leavers now studying it at universities across the country.

Peter has made a huge contribution to New Zealand schools by heading the development, resourcing and assessment of a new area of the New Zealand curriculum framework. He has consistently been the driving force behind this joint venture between the Agricultural industry partners and St Paul’s Collegiate School to deliver an Agribusiness programme to all secondary schools throughout NZ, with currently 40 schools looking to introduce it into their curriculum in 2018.

Peter has gained the respect of schools, educational officials and businesses in the sector and through his determined, hard-working approach has secured national recognition for the new curriculum area.

The project has been a brilliant example of the leadership that Independent Schools can take in implementing positive changes within New Zealand.

Peter has been consistently at the forefront in leading this change and we are excited to honour him with a 2016 ISNZ Honours Award for Service to developing a new National Agribusiness Curriculum.