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Rangi Ruru School:

School Type: Girls' Only

Boarding Facilities

Year Levels: 7-13

School Roll: 630

Established: 1889



Contact Information:

Tel:   03 983 3700

Fax:  03 983 3766

Email:  office@rangiruru.school.nz

Website:  www.rangiruru.school.nz

New Zealand Location:


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59 Hewitts Road
Christchurch 8014


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Dr Sandra K Hastie


Rangi Ruru Board of Governors 

Board Chair:  

Nicki Carter


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What makes Rangi Ruru School unique?

One thing we hear over and over again is how much the girls and their parents are drawn to the close knit, family environment at Rangi Ruru. That the atmosphere is friendly, warm and supportive. We know other schools say the same thing but this is what our parents tells us all the time.

It’s absolutely essential that your daughter is happy, enriched, challenged and supported. Rangi Ruru is about the “whole girl” – the academic, sporting, cultural and social aspects of life; we take an holistic approach to our school and our girls.

Communication with parents is something we are focussed on at all times. We understand that it’s essential you know what is going on with your daughter’s education.

Some parents who have not experienced private schooling before have the perception that it’s not affordable. Many parents are surprised how affordable education at Rangi Ruru actually is. Budgets and finances are important to us all – talk to us, ask the questions – you too might be surprised.

At Rangi Ruru, what you see is what you get – a good, honest, real education for your daughter.


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