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School Type: Co-educational School

Boarding Facilities

Year Levels:  1- 13

School Roll: 38





Contact Information:

Tel:   +64 7 308 9903

Fax:  +64 7 308 9916

Email:  admin@rangitaiki-ind.school.nz

Website:  www.rangitaiki-ind.school.nz


New Zealand Location:


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33 Meadow Vale

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What makes Rangitaiki Independent School unique?

Thank you for taking the opportunity to consider Rangitaiki Independent School as an educational choice for your child.  If you demand the best possible education for your child, then Rangitaiki Independent School is your only option in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. 

Our school culture is based on family values fostered in a safe and caring nondenominational environment.  We offer high standards of academic achievement, development of meta-cognitive thinking skills, independent learning, and a wide range of sporting and cultural opportunities.

We are committed to providing many opportunities to assist your child  to develop to his or her potential.  

A strong and active partnership exists between home and school and we assure you contact will be frequent. We encourage you, as parents, to be involved in and support your child’s education.

We warmly invite you to contact the school and visit us while we work. 

We also encourage you to speak to the parents of our past and present students. Their support has been crucial in establishing our vision of quality education.


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