Reverend Sarah Moss

Diocesan School for Girls

Service to the Community


Baptisms, weddings, funerals and chapel services are the usual work of chaplains but throughout her 10 years at Diocesan, Reverend Sarah Moss has extended well beyond the usual expectations of the role. Her service to students, families and community have been exceptional, bringing a warmth and personal touch that is meaningful and memorable for everyone involved in an increasingly diverse environment.

Sarah's pastoral work has reached into every area of the community. She is there for families who are suffering loss, visiting them in person with meals and support and helping them to find the words to talk and helping them to plan what comes next. She is a rock for girls who have lost parents and over the years they have formed strong relationships with her where she follows their progress well beyond school.

Sarah led the Diocesan’s Anglican Expression initiatives to re-examine what it meant to be an Anglican School in today's challenging electronic and less values based world. She shares the values and vision through extremely well written homilies - parents often request copies of them to help them with parenting and discussions within their families

In 2015 Sarah led the review of Diocesan’s Service programme. Her consultation process and investigations of international service learning programmes has resulted in a new and deeper service learning programme implemented this year.

Each year at Diocesan, Sarah has led a service trip to Fiji. Through the church and local communities at Wailoku, Sarah has led initiatives with girls from Diocesan to construct playgrounds, to establish playing fields, equip classrooms and share community living.

Beyond her call to duty as an Anglican Priest, Sarah is massively interested in sport and is ever present at the many aspects of the school's co-curricular programme. At these events "the rev" is seen as an awesome presence and the parents and girls love her engagement in their many events - especially rowing.

Fun, vivacious and exceedingly approachable with an effervescence and energy that permeates her entire approach to bringing to life to the Anglican expression it is an absolute pleasure to award Sarah with a 2016 ISNZ Honours Award for Service to the Community.