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School Type: Co-educational 

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Years 1-8



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Tel:   +64 3 377 8603





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77 Murphy's Road



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What makes Seven Oaks School unique?

It is a great privilege and a great responsibility to be entrusted with the care and education of our young people. These are the citizens, the parents and the leaders of our future. Because their experiences at school have a great impact on their lives as adults, I am fully aware that in educating today’s children we are creating the world of tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s challenging world, where 50% of today's job roles will be redundant, asks a lot more of our children than just intellectual skills. Success and fulfilment in our rapidly changing environment requires creativity, resilience and strong social/emotional abilities. It asks them to open to all of their natural born creative abilities. That’s why we are proud to take a conscious stand on educating the whole of your child.

My job is to create an environment that supports, inspires and nurtures each and every child so they may open to their own inherent greatness. At Seven Oaks not only do we have a brilliant leading edge curriculum, but also a carefully selected team of very talented and committed educators who treat all students with the care and respect they need to realise their holistic potential.

It would be my pleasure to show you the extraordinary education we have to offer your children at Seven Oaks.

Molly Watson, Principal


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