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Southwell School:

School Type: Co-educational - Anglican

Boarding Facilities

Year Levels: 1 - 8

School Roll: 609

Established: 1911



Contact Information:

Tel:   +64 7 855 2089

Fax:  +64 7 855 9023



New Zealand Location:


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200 Peachgrove Road
Hamilton 3214
New Zealand

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What makes Southwell School unique?

Every Child is a Star. This means that we focus heavily on the individual student, what they are good at and how we can help them achieve their potential.  We acknowledge that every child has talents that need to be recognised and celebrated.  We see this as our core business.

Our school celebrates and recognises success.  We are not scared to say "well done" and give children a certificate or a cup.  It is part of the human condition that we respond to positive encouragement and goal setting.  We want the students to leave Southwell School with a strength of character that will enable them to take their part in society - where they feel that they can be confident in who they are and their abilities.  Our challenge is to assist the students to be the best they can be. This is what it means to be a star.

Southwell School is a friendly, caring community and I know that there is real strength in being part of a community which shares the same attitudes and values.  A community working together and striving for the same goals can achieve miracles.  At Southwell School, we have seen miracles. We see them grow every day. They take time but they happen!  So come and see us and experience what it means to be part of this community.  You are welcome any time.  You don’t need an appointment. Just call into the school office and we will show you around.  

Come see the Stars shining bright!


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