Speaker profile: Gus McIntosh


Gus McIntosh, CEO of Winsborough, will present on “Adapting to change: Successful  leadership strategies in the age of disruption”


About Gus

Gus is the CEO of Winsborough and a Registered Psychologist. He is widely recognised for his expertise and knowledge around leadership development and senior team dynamics. With Dave Winsborough, he developed the Hogan Team Report which is utilised throughout the global Hogan Assessment network.

Gus’s career includes roles as a Director for a UK-based software and consultancy group, the Royal NZ Air Force, and Managing Director for an HR software company in India.


Adapting to change: Successful  leadership strategies in the age of disruption

Even compared to a decade ago, the amount of change people can expect to see in their own lifetimes is extraordinary. As humans adapt to an unpredictable and automated future, the problems are increasingly complex and ever more beyond the ability of individual effort to solve.

Leaders and teams have always been the fundamental building blocks for human problem solving, but as complexity and disruption increases we need to change our thinking on how we use those two resources if we want our organisations to survive.