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St Margaret's College:

School Type: Girls - Christian

Boarding Facilities

Year Levels:


School Roll: 820

Established: 1910


Ages 2-5

Contact Information:

Tel:   +64 3 379 2000

Fax:  +64 3 365 5748




New Zealand Location:


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12 Winchester Street
Christchurch 8014


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What makes St Margaret's College unique?

St Margaret’s College in Christchurch is one of New Zealand’s leading girls’ school with a proud history of academic, sporting and cultural excellence. An education at St Margaret’s College is holistic, embracing the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of our girls as well as their academic growth and their development in sport and the arts. St Margaret’s College is the only girls’ school in New Zealand’s South Island to offer the dual academic pathway of the International Baccalaureate Diploma as well as the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA).

As each girl journeys through St Margaret’s College, either as a boarder or day girl, she is surrounded by people who care about her wellbeing and academic achievement. We know when a girl is happy, she is open to new learning and will embrace new challenges and experiences. At St Margaret’s, when we talk about “happiness” we refer to a state of deep wellbeing and personal awareness – the state of wellbeing Maori call ‘hauora’. We welcome and support every girl as a unique and precious individual and we work in partnership with her family to ensure she flourishes during her time with us.

St Margaret’s College led New Zealand academically in 2017 with the country’s top NCEA results. St Margaret’s College students earned 100% pass rates in NCEA Levels 1 and 2 with 99% in Level 3 and 99% in University Entrance.

International Baccalaureate results were equally impressive with 100% achieving their university goals including 10% achieving an impressive 40 or above, putting them amongst the top 3% of students in the world. The world average for the IB Diploma is 29.21 points. The St Margaret’s College average is 35.0.

In addition, 46 domestic and three international university scholarships were offered to the Class of 2017 from St Margaret’s College.

In keeping with the school’s holistic approach, St Margaret’s College students realise outstanding sporting success at school, regional and national level, including seven girls selected to represent New Zealand at international level this year. They also excel in the arts with students achieving top national honours in speech and drama, representation in national dance, choirs and orchestras and a strong reputation in debating.

Students at St Margaret’s College benefit from small class sizes in the most modern campus in Christchurch with its future-proofed learning, including our leading Centre for Innovation and STEM programmes. Our reputation attracts high quality teachers who are passionate about empowering future generations of young women. This vibrant new campus also embraces the 110-year history of St Margaret’s College, with its traditional family values, creating the best of both worlds.



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