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2019 Fundraising Seminar


Fundraising presentations - all sessions


2019 Heads Forum


Leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand

Frances Nelson, Teaching Council


Heads Forum presentation

Pat Hoult, ANZ


The Human Rights Act 1993 and Private Schools

John Hancock, Human Rights Commission


Education Work Programme Update

Ben O'Meara, Ministry of Education


The Resilient Leader

Brad Hook, The Resilience Institute


2019 Aspiring Leaders Seminar


Leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand

Frances Nelson, Teaching Council


Leadership: What am I aspiring to be?

Kevin Boyce, BlackCat Education


So you want to be a Principal?

Jacqui Matthews-Harris & Andrew Harris, BlackCat Education


Changing with your school: becoming a Principal

Alex Reed, Pinehurst School


Road Signs, Reviews, Recognition and Relief: Insights from a First-Year Headmaster

Ian Macpherson, Medbury School


Reflections and Learnings from 20 years Headship

Tim Oughton, Kristin School



2018 Boarding Schools Seminar


Positive Education and Students Wellbeing

Darrell Thatcher, Wiremu Gray, and Chris Needle, Christ's College

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Marketing Boarding Schools Home and Away

Emma Taurua and Kyleigh Lyth, Rangi Ruru Girls’ School

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Students Sexual Orientation: Guidance on Policies and Current Issues Facing Schools

Garth Gallaway, Partner, Chapman Tripp

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Supporting young people | Navigating online challenges in a rapidly changing world – What’s needed?

Anjela Webster, Education Advisor, Netsafe

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2018 Governance Seminar


The pursuit of effective governance

Peter Crow, Board Advisor and Facilitator, Institute of Directors

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Legal Update – Reviewing Current Pieces of Legislation and Recent Changes Affecting Independent Schools

Samantha Turner, Partner, Simpson Grierson

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Board evaluation; box ticking or value adding

John Page, Partner, BoardWorks International

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Reputational Risk

Mike Wood, Facilitator, Institute of Directors and Associate Director, Broadleaf Capital International 

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Board Conduct in the Recruitment of Heads and Principals

Katy Anquetil, General Manager Wellington, Sheffield

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The Changing Face of Headship

Nicholas Buck, Senior Consultant, Sheffield

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2018 Marketing Seminar


ISNZ Communications – An Overview

Kate Davidson, Communications Manager, Independent Schools of New Zealand 

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Understanding Current Trends in the Advertising Market - Tips for your Next Advertising Campaign

Alf Jamieson, Managing Director/ Owner, Media5 and Angela Hunter, Sales Director, Reach Local

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ACG Private Schools Marketing 101: The Funnel, Touchpoints, and Marketing Channels

Mitchell Houlbrooke, Marketing Manager, ACG Education

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Collaborating while Competing – Practical Collaboration Strategies between Independent Schools

Lance Holland, Marketing Coordinator, Chilton Saint James School, Rebecca Burton, Marketing Manager, Scots College, Inge Doig, Marketing & Communications, Samuel Marsden Collegiate School

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Engaging with Alumni

Angela Coe, Past Parent and Director of Development, Diocesan School for Girls

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2018 HR Seminar


Education Council Update

Rex SmithManager Registration, Education Council of New Zealand 

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Your One Stop Employment Law Update 

Shan Wilson, Partner, Simpson Grierson 

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Union Negotiations

Rebecca Isted, Director of Human Resources, Kristin School

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Wellbeing at Work

Amanda Schulze, Community Engagement & Health Promotion Officer, Metal Health Foundation

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A Practical Approach - Implementing Successful Wellbeing Programmes

Brendon Blanchard, Business Manager, Vitality Works

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2018 Education Law Seminar


Please find John Hannan and Gretchen Stone's presentations below:

 Part 1 

 Part 2


2018 EA/PA Seminar


Systemic thinking: strategies for creating stronger collaborations and achieving better outcomes

Alex Smith, CEO, BrittendenSmith 

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The recruiter perspective – The skills you need to succeed in the evolving workplace

Sharlene Yule, Manager – Corporate Services, Beyond Recruitment 

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Going the extra mile – Planning the unforeseeable

Trudy Newman, PA to Executive Principal, Kristin School

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Cultivating your influence and credibility - why you don't need to be the boss to have impact

Pam Cronin, Owner and Principal, BRIDGE Associates

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It’s all about relationships! – An insight from a Public Sector EA

Kay Lindsay, EA to Executive Director Special Projects - ‎Hamilton City Council

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2018 Annual Conference - The Changing Face of Leadership in an Age of Disruption


Adapting to Change. Successful Leadership Strategies in the Age of Disruption

Gus McIntosh, CEO, Winsborough 

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(Re)claiming and Disrupting Leadership Practice and Organisational Learning: Moving Beyond the Status Quo and Distributed Models

Dr Howard Youngs, Senior Lecturer Educational Leadership, School of Education Director for International Relations and Development, AUT

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Concurrent sessions:

Effective Governance Leadership for the Forward Thinking School

Richard Westlake, Director, Westlake Governance

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Attracting and Developing World-Class Leaders for our Schools

Ashley Siddall, Senior Consultant, Gallup

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Better by Diversity – Measuring the ROI of Effective Diversity

Bev Cassidy-MacKenzie, Director, Diversity Consulting    

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Leadership in the Digital Era

Christine O’Neill, Education and Leadership Consultant

Arnika Macphail, Professional Learning Manager, Cyclone Computer Company

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Case study: The Adaptive Leadership Programme: Developing Adaptive, Resilient Leaders in Schools

David Scott, Middle School Principal, Kristin School

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Building in a Disruptive Environment.  Strategies to Create Competitive Advantage and Long-Term Value 

James Fletcher, Trustee & Chairman of Works, King’s School, Auckland

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Economic Drivers for the Future                                                

Sharon Zollner, Chief Economist, ANZ

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The Paradigm for Leadership

Christopher Luxon, CEO, Air New Zealand

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Resilience in Leadership              

Alia Bojilova, Senior Consultant, Sheffield

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Riding the Exponential Wave of Change

Kaila Colbin, Ambassador Australia and New Zealand, Singularity University

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Leadership: Increasing Collaboration in a Time of Increasing Complexity

Sue Watson, Leadership Development Manager, New Zealand Leadership Institute

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Independent Schools - Maintaining the Leading Edge

Darryl Buchanan, Director, Professional Learning, Association of Independent Schools NSW and Jennifer Davies, Dean, AIS Leadership Centre

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2018 Aspiring Leaders' Seminar - 18 May


The principal’s role in developing staff capacity related to teaching and learning in the 21st century 

Dr. Kate Thornton, Senior Lecturer at the School of Education of the Victoria University of Wellington provides her insigts on the role of the Principal, key challenges faced and how leadership should be distributed in the school environment.


Recruiting a Head/Principal: What is the Recruiter looking for?

Nicholas Buck, Senior Consultant at Sheffield delves into the recruitment process for Principals.


Transitioning to the role of Head/Principal

Jayne-Ann Young, Principal at Queen Margaret College explores the change management process required to successfully transition into the role of Head/Principal.


Principal Appraisal/Performance Review: What does it look like? How might your performance be measured? 

Sandra shares the performance review process used in Head/Principal appraisals. She also elaborates on the key components of leadership in a Principal’s role and how each might be measured.


Are you ready? 

Scott Thelning, Principal at The Cathedral Grammar School has been a Principal for close to half of his 46 years and in this session he covers the complexities of the role. 



2018 Primary Schools Seminar - 19 March


Financial Opportunities for Independent Schools – Thinking Outside the Circle

Over the years Tony Sissons has created a number of financial initiatives in an effort to add support to the teaching programme. From Ansett Airlines becoming the official airline of a state school to running a learn to swim programme which teaches over 2000 children to swim per week, he is happy to share the ups and downs of how effectively you can run business units in your schools.


SIEBA and the wonderful, lucrative world of International Education

Robbie Pickford will outline how SIEBA can provide marketing and administration services and support schools to grow their internationalisation and establish strong income streams.


ANZ - Focus on collaboration

In a fast pace changing world often driven by technology, collaboration is a valid and sensible business strategy. Hear from John Bennett General Manager Commercial and Agri at ANZ about the importance of establishing effective partnership.


A SMART and Easy Way to Manage an Alternative Income Stream – After School Care Programmes

SMART (St Mark's Afterschool Recreation and Tuition) is an afterschool and holiday programme for 5 to 13 year olds that is operated and managed by St Mark's Church School.  Six years ago the St Mark's SMART programme ran at a loss and did not fully meet the commitments of the regulatory body for after school programmes - OSCAR.  In 2017 the St Mark's SMART programme returned a significant surplus and met all its regulatory obligations. 


Telling your story; what turns interest into enrolment

Margie Beattie, Director of Development and Glen Jorna, Head of the Arts at Wellesley College share some strategies to work effectively with staff and students and tell the unique story about our schools.


2018 Heads Forum - 15 March 


ISNZ Governance Restructure Proposal

Heather McRae, AHIS President and Chair of ISNZ shares the key guidelines of the proposed ISNZ Governance Restructure.


Human Rights Act 2001 – Discrimination under Part 1A of the Human Rights Act 1993 

Bradley Kidd, Partner and Rose Goss, Solicitor, Chapman Tripp provide some helpful insight into how the Human Rights Act applies to independent schools (specifically, in an admissions context).


Cyclone Computers – Digital Technology

Graham Prentice describes the cost benefit of managed services and Cyclone's solutions in relation to the Digital Technology Curriculum.


Ministry of Education Update

Ben O’Meara, Group Manager - Schooling Policy, Ministry of Education provides an update on the Government’s Education Policy Agenda.


ANZ - Economic Outlook

John Bennett, General Manager Commercial and Agri ANZ provides the latest data on consumer confidence and current business outlook.


Managing Parental Expectations

Tim Oughton, Exec. Principal, Kristin School shares some lessons learned over time about how to (try to) manage parental expectations.


Performance Management – from Compliance to Growth

Peter Cassie, Principal, Saint Kentigern Boys’ School

Christine Leighton, Rector, St Andrew’s College

Sandra Hastie, Principal, Rangi Ruru Girls’ School



2018 International Education Seminar - 28 February


Private Schools’ International Business: Markets and Approaches

Education New Zealand Business Development Managers Mary Camp and Richard Kyle provide up-to-date market intelligence on key markets for private schools and discuss trends. They also outline collaborative approaches that can increase success.


Comprehensive Banking Solutions for International Students 

John Bennett, General Manager, Central Region Commercial & Agri, ANZ explores ANZ services to make international students' life easier.


International Education 101 

Richard Kensington, Registrar, ACG Education provides guidance and direction for the new entrants to international education and helpful tips to the more experienced personnel.


What Does a Sustainable International Programme Look Like?

Jenny Taylor, Director of International Services, Kristin School explores international students services available at Kristin School.


Marsh Studentsafe International Insurance

Ken Albrecht, Client Executive and Justin Pipe, ‎Business Development Manager, Mercer Marsh Benefits share their compelling international students insurance programme and highlight trends they are seeing across their Studentsafe program, such as a marked increase in mental health claims. 


The Wellington Private Education Network (WPEN)

Hear from Kathy Lloyd-Parker, principal at Chilton Saint James School about WPEN, an effective example of collaboration between Independent Schools.


Supporting Independent Schools opening to International Markets

John van der Zwan, Executive Director, Schools International Education Business Association of New Zealand (SIEBA) explores how SIEBA can support Independent Schools who wish to internationalise their student body and open their doors to international markets. 


Enroller - Enhancing the International Student Enrolment Experience for NZ schools, their Agents and Direct Applicants

Hear about Enroller, a powerful workflow engine that sits behind an ‘Apply Now’ button on your school website. Enroller has been designed to automate repetitive enrolment tasks and to simplify compliance challenges, allowing international student departments to spend more time improving the student experience and nurturing agent and family relationships.

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2017 Governance Seminar - 10 November


Employment Law Update

Shan Wilson, Partner at Simpson Grierson on the latest policy changes, bullying, staff misconduct on social media and the Vulnerable Childeren's act


Directors' Personal Liability

Helen Smith and Hugh Lindo, Partners at Simpson Grierson share their insights on Directors' personal liability 


A Practical Approach to Health & Safety Governance

Fiona Carney, H&S Senior Consultant at Simpson Grierson provides a practical approach to H&S Governance 


Monitoring, Reviewing and Auditing Policy Implementation and Compliance – The Role of the Board

Brent Wheeler, Director at Brent Wheeler Group shares some tips on how to monitor and rewiev policy implementation and compliance


Topical Tax Issues for the School Sector

Barney Cumberland, Partner at Simpson Grierson on PAYE and employer-provided accommodation,exemption for charitable organisations, donation tax incentives and the benefit of tax concessions.


2017 Marketing Seminar - 3 November

Social Media Effectiveness in the Campus

Jam Mayer, Managing Director of Conversologie, on how to measure the ROI of your social media campaigns


Find yourself at King's - Evolving the King's College Brand

Jeanette Paine, Director of Marketing and Development at King’s College, shares her learnings from their latest marketing campaign


Marketing Automation

Nick Whiteacre, Head of Digital Strategy at Calibrate, on how to keep a personal touch while removing manual tasks from your to-do list


An Introduction to Google AdWords

Ryan Marston, Managing Director of PureSEO, on how to run a successful AdWords campaign


2017 HR Seminar - 10 August

Navigating Stormy Waters

A brief guide to contractual conundrums in the employment sphere from James Pullar, Senior Associate at Taylor Shaw


Education Council Strategy and Changes

General Manager Pauline Barnes on changes that education professionals need to know about, including the new Code and Standards, mandatory reporting and development of a leadership strategy


Staff Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

What our responsibilities are and what else we can do for our employees, from Tim Horne of EAP Services


Fixing Appraisal? Yeah Right!

Assistant Principal of Diocesan School for Girls Kate Burkin discusses moving to a self-directed model of appraisal


Creating Our Professional Learning Culture

Saint Kentigern Boys' School Teaching and Learning Coordinator Kellie Carpenter describes how to foster a culture of collaboration and reflective practice


2017 Conference Presentations 5 - 6 May


Dr Sven Hansen - Healthier Living

Tony Fernando - Compassion is Happiness

Karen Spencer - To guide or protect

Prof Helen Chenery - Adolescents and Mental Health

Concurrent Speakers:

Carolyn Stuart - Digital Balance

Mavis Haigh - The Learning Environment

Justin Robinson - Wellbeing at the heart of Education

John van der Zwan - A long way from home 

Martin Bassett and Joanne Robson - Middle Leaders Matter

Belinda Himiona - How GOVT is improving international student wellbeing

ISNZ Chair:

Heather McRae - PowerPoint Presentation

Heather McRae - Conference Introduction


CEO Day - Wellington March 2017

Donna Provoost - A voice for New Zealand children

Ellen MacGregor Reid - Updating the Education Act

John Bennet - New Zealand Banking and Economic Update 


International Education seminar - Wellington October 2016

Graeme Lind - The benefits of international students to your school/community

John Van Der Zwan SIEBA - new pastoral care rules

Greg Scott - Preparing students for a globalised future

Anne Young - Education Tauranga


2016 24th ISNZ Annual Conference - Wellington

Rata Studios presentation - Miranda Harcourt

Unicorns - Allan Freeth

Creativity and Technology - Student Success at Rata Studios

International Marketing - Challenges and Opportunities (Please email for presentation)

A new way of Thinking - The Education Council

Heads Meeting at Conference 2016


2015 Regional Meetings

ISNZ Annual Regional Meeting


2015 International Education Seminar - 7 August 2015

ISNZ Session Marketing Strategy - Guy Pascoe (Scots College)

School Sector Strategic Roadmaps - Richard Kyle (ENZ)

SIEBA - John van der Zwan (ENZ)

New market development - Richard Kensington (ACG)

Content Marketing - Tracy Page (ISNZ)


2015 Conference Presentations 19 - 20 June

Geoff Aigner - Collaboraton

Victoria Spackman - The Gibson Group

Peter Townsend - Building Bridges to business

Jonathan Mason - Is markekting and advertising a zero sum game?

Malcolm Lamb - Quality Leadership Profile for Schools 

Chris Jansen - Collaborate - Why should I?

Rex Capil - Education Southland - The Power of Collaboration

St Paul's Collegiate School - Peter Hampton and Grant Lander

St Peter's Cambridge School - Marc Scott

Speaker Ngahi Bidois 


2015 Governance Seminar - 14 May

Richard Westlake - Governance Seminar


2015 Middle Schools Seminar - 20 March

Grant Rix - Mindful Aotearoa 

Middle Years Schooling Forum - Saint Kentigern


2015 CEO DAY - 12 March (Amora Hotel)

Key messages 



1. Jamie Crump: Education New Zealand's Digital Marketing Strategy: and how your school can leverage it

2. Karen Jones: Does Brand Matter?



1. Dr Cheryl Doig: Innovating in the Challenge Zone

2. Julie Moore: Stretch and Grow

3. Christine Leighton: A 'Volunteer' Army Leading Innovation and Research

4. Gillian Simpson and Julie Peterson: Innovatively Educating Young People to Live & Lead

5. Andrew Shaw: ISNZ Legal Update - Health & Safety Reform; School Policies

6. Dawn Sullivan: Best Practice Leadership Styles in Independent Schools

7. Peter Hampton: St Paul's Collegiate - Centre of Excellence for Agricultural Science and Business



1.  Tom Webb:  Student  Centred Leadership

2.  Ian Taylor:  Recruiting a Head/Principal : what is the recruiter looking for?

3.  Graeme Yule:  Transitioning from Teacher/Deputy Principal to the role of Head/Principal

4. Sandra Hastie:  The First Appraisal as a Principal:  What does it look like? How might your performance be measured?

5.  Heather McRae:  One week in the life of a Principal/Head



1.  Dr Jenny Poskitt:  Transition :  Lost or Found?

2.  Adam Heath:  A Vision for Teaching and Learning

3.  Kate Dickson:   Student Wellbeing in the Middle Years

4.  Matthew Allen:  Middle School Leadership Design : Staff Structure and Student Perspective

5.  Margaret Talbot:  



1. Brian Sweeney: Winning the world from the Edge / Heatmaps

2. Lester Levy: Generative Governance - Aspiration, Innovation, Possibility and Potential

3. Shaun McCarthy: Empowering Excellence: the role of school culture in building internal and external innovation

4. Stephen Holmes: Innovative School Marketing: positioning through pedagogy

5. Derek Wenmoth - Modern Learning Environments: where's the innovation?

6. Louise Bailey - Professional Review Process for Heads/Principals

7. Peter Clague - Innovation in a Vocation: connecting yesterday's successes to those of tomorrow 


Governance Seminar Thursday 15 May 2014

Dr. James Lockhart - Risk and Performance: two sides of the same coin

Samantha Turner - Governance Seminar

HR Seminar Tuesday 8 April 2014

Johanna Clark - Employee Engagement & Change - Opposing Forces?

Samantha Turner - Employment issues affecting the HR profession: legal updates

Les Eagleton - The HR Strategic Plan

                   - Using Social Media to enhance HR Practice 


CEO Day Thursday 13 March 2014

Christien Winter-Key Issues/Challenges in HR for the next decade

Shan Wilson-Legal Update: Search and Seizure Policy Guidelines 


International Education Seminar Wednesday 26 March 2014

Stephen Holmes-International Market Strategy

Rosanne Bjerring/Helen Richardson-Collaborative Marketing: Implementing a Marketing Plan 

Mary Camp - Education New Zealand (ENZ)

Amy Rutherford-The China Market 



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2018 Education Law Seminar