FUJIFILM Business Innovation: The new face of innovation in the education sector

With Fuji Xerox rebranding as FUJIFILM Business Innovation, 2021 promises to be an exciting year for educators.

As the leading supplier of document solutions to the New Zealand education sector, FUJIFILM Business Innovation has a long history of helping schools educate the next generation of innovative Kiwis.

So, what can we expect under the FUJIFILM Business Innovation banner?

What stays the same?

FUJIFILM Business Innovation remains committed to partnering with educators nationwide to deliver leading outcomes for their students.

We will continue to supply all the same great products, services and solutions as before, from printers to interactive screens and solutions to support remote learning. And the people you already know and trust will still be there to support your journey.

What will change?

With FUJIFILM’s leadership in cutting-edge technologies, we will have soon have access to an exciting range of new products to help us deliver better education outcomes.


Founded in 1934, FUJIFILM has over 300 subsidiaries across the globe in fields like biotechnology, healthcare, and imaging. FUJIFILM is committed to evolving to meet the changing and future needs of education and business.

What does this rebrand mean to you?

Life with FUJIFILM Business Innovation as your partner will be the same – but better.

We can expect the same level of commitment, but with the benefit of a more extensive portfolio of innovative technologies designed to prepare our students for future success. And as always, a relationship based on an in-depth knowledge of your organisation, its culture, goals, and needs.

We can’t wait to share more about our exciting new company journey. In the meantime, we encourage you get in touch at shm-fbnz-contact@fujifilm.com.