FUJIFILM synthetic media – now with antimicrobial coating

The recent lockdowns have emphasised the need for ongoing vigilance and attention to hygiene at all alert levels. To support our customers with keeping their school hygienic, FUJIFILM Business Innovation is offering new synthetic paper with antimicrobial coatings that reduce germ transmission.

Why choose FUJIFILM Antimicrobial Synthetic media for your school?

  • Durable tear-proof synthetic material that feels like paper
  • Prevents bacterial and fungal growth on high-touch surfaces
  • Use it just like any paper stock – print using your office machine
  • Cleans up with soapy water, alcohol-based cleaning agents or bleach without removing the print
  • Antimicrobial coating lasts for the lifetime of the product
  • No lamination required.

Get in touch with our team at shm-fbnz-printsupplies@fujifilm.com or visit www.fujifilm.com/fbnz/print-supplies to learn more.