AGE School joins the Independent Schools of New Zealand

We are excited to announce that the innovative AGE School in Auckland has joined the Independent Schools of New Zealand.

AGE School is for families and students who are passionate about wellbeing for people and the planet. Its small nurturing environment and high teacher-to-student ratio means AGE gets to know each student deeply and personalises learning so that it is meaningful for them.

“By connecting foundational concepts and skills to a student’s own interests, we spark curiosity and enable students to connect their learning to real-world experiences,” says AGE School Principal Steve Mouldey. “By taking on real-world challenges, and allowing time for deep thinking, we equip students with both knowledge and social-emotional capabilities. This empowers learners to thrive academically, enjoy better wellbeing, and develop the skills needed in our future communities and industries to succeed.

“Learning experiences of this nature spark creativity and innovation as learners master technology and ways of working collaboratively. It then becomes the learner’s time to use their understanding for action, as they make meaningful impact on the world around them.

“We are excited about joining a great network of independent schools across New Zealand,” adds Steve. “I look forward to joining the discussions about education and shaping an innovative future for learning in our country.”

For more information about AGE School, see their profile on the ISNZ site.